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Hails5 wrote
at 6:47 PM, Wednesday December 16, 2009 EST
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a good one!
Ainegue wrote
at 2:13 PM, Saturday November 7, 2009 EST
I want my television back.
simpak wrote
at 10:29 AM, Saturday May 30, 2009 EDT
:( Mooon.
I haven't spoken to you in the longest while.
xtobias_ragg97 wrote
at 6:45 AM, Friday May 29, 2009 EDT
remember me???
mimi.on.line wrote
at 4:18 PM, Friday May 15, 2009 EDT
Moon....what wrong with you? :( I missing you so much :/
floyed6 wrote
at 12:24 AM, Saturday April 11, 2009 EDT
HI MOONIE NOT SURE IF YOU EVER COME HERE ANYMORE>>>..... BUT! I am just wondering about ya
The Actress wrote
at 8:31 AM, Saturday February 7, 2009 EST
ms gloves misses u :*(
Rhiosace wrote
at 7:48 AM, Tuesday February 3, 2009 EST
Moooooooooon! Help! My Laptop is diseased! It has a nasty trojan virus :( I was using protection, and now I'm in trouble! Oh man, history repeats itself hahahahahahah anyway, see you when I find a cure for lag and laptop diseases have fun this month xxxxx
themoonmonster wrote
at 11:01 PM, Saturday January 24, 2009 EST
Nothing like being down to your last chips in a tourney to get you some lovely luck :D

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [2s, 3d]
WeBBeR folds
Ando69... calls
mitico79 calls
understudy calls
TheCinders checks
Dealing flop: [Ac, 4s, 4c]
TheCinders checks
Ando69... bets $1,600
mitico79 folds
understudy folds
TheCinders folds
Dealing turn: [5h]
Dealing river: [2c]
themoonmonster shows [2s, 3d] for a straight five high
Ando69... shows [Js, Ad] for two pair, Aces and fours
themoonmonster wins main pot $4,000
Ando69... wins side pot $1,600

Rhiosace wrote
at 6:45 AM, Tuesday January 20, 2009 EST
moon, you are back! Yay! Did you get me that extinguisher i asked for? I have a smouldering butt... needs extinguishing lol! x
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