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Recognized on 10:27 PM, Friday January 8, 2010 EST by Holly Molly
Thank you for your concern for this game,for trying to make the game clean and fair for everyone, for very insightful posts that makes this site a better place.Good to have you here.

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A great player :)
mimivilee on Tuesday October 4, 2011
wisest person alive
Rudey on Tuesday June 14, 2011
Hurt my feelings, called me a cheat :-(
spikeyjon on Friday May 14, 2010
Of all of the people who I've met online... I'd struggle to think of one who makes me laugh more than buaka does. I fully endorse this person and all of his actions.
MrFoxy on Tuesday April 6, 2010
Hails5 on Thursday January 28, 2010
water under the bridge though, i suppose. my apologies for becoming irritated.
KJ Sado on Thursday January 14, 2010
what's sad is when someone new to this site asks an honest question and is met with a sarcastic, intentionally condescending retort from someone who could have just explained and moved on. thanks anyways though bud.
SQBrown on Thursday January 14, 2010
The below are both the same person - giving out some sort of "revenge" due to warning him. Sad.
buaka on Thursday January 14, 2010
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