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Maffers wrote
at 8:54 AM, Monday August 20, 2012 EDT
purplechick wrote
at 12:47 PM, Thursday January 19, 2012 EST
Just when i had decided to announce your untimely demise due to a tragic spelunking accident in a lady cave, i hear you showed up at sketch again.
Maffers wrote
at 11:23 AM, Friday January 6, 2012 EST
Maffers wrote
at 8:53 AM, Friday January 6, 2012 EST
Rachael Riley is here
Maffers: Vowel please, Rachael Riley.
bhwrice: hello green sen maff caryn etc.
Maffers: And another one.
senilefelines: ricebennnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Rachael Riley: ?
Lucas Armstrong: what time is it for every one?
Rachael Riley: e
Maffers: And a consonant please, Rachael.
greeen: oh hello rice
Dennis Schmidt is here
Lucas Armstrong: its 10:52pm were im at
Rachael Riley: k
Maffers: And a better one, please.
Rachael Riley: l
Maffers: And... a vowel.
Rachael Riley: o
Maffers: (nobody from the UK is here to lol at this, where is buaka?)
Maffers: And another consonant.
senilefelines: hahaha
Maffers: And now let's go over to Dictionary Corner where Giles Brandreth has an amusing anecdote about trees.
Hero Of Time wrote
at 10:59 AM, Wednesday November 2, 2011 EDT
PrincessZelda wrote
at 6:56 AM, Thursday June 16, 2011 EDT
BUAKA aka Buakasaurus aka Daddy bu bu aka Gerty :D
Misses Collins wrote
at 6:03 AM, Thursday June 16, 2011 EDT
BUAKA is the coolest indeed!
PrincessZelda wrote
at 3:21 AM, Thursday June 9, 2011 EDT
Crystal Maze... still no reply....how rude!!
Maffers wrote
at 11:22 AM, Wednesday June 8, 2011 EDT
Maffers wrote
at 11:38 AM, Thursday May 12, 2011 EDT

The seriousness of some of the answers is great.
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